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Welcome Back

Welcome back guys to the newly revamped C Ing Blogs. I have returned from my mini hiatus called “life!”

It seems like so much has happened since I last posted: I graduated from law school, started a new job in London, left said job two and a half months later and now I’m working as a Paralegal. I will say, mentally, 2022 was a very challenging year, but I’m grateful for all the experiences I had because it’s led me to the place I’m at now.

I feel like I’ve grown a lot personally too. My new job has allowed me to challenge myself in terms of my work life and create my own routine. I’ve realised I thrive best, in all aspects of my life, once I have a routine. I’m slowly starting to build new practises too, but converting something from a one-off practise into a habit is proving to be challenging (lol). But, I am learning everything happens in its own time and that is okay. Also, now I feel like I’m being pushed career-wise, I’m ready to start challenging myself personally and I mean this in the sense of becoming the person I'm meant to be. This year, I'm really going to make the time to do things for myself, and for me, this means creating the time for my hobbies, developing my spirituality and just generally trying to be a good presence in the world.

Maybe it’s because I'm writing this at the start of the new year, or because I have a new found sense of optimism, but I feel this is going to be a transformative year. (First full moon of the year was in Cancer too, like come on!) I always have to remind myself though, that change and growth often always come after hardships, or making "mistakes." So even when it seems like things aren't going as they "should" be, it's important to remember to trust the process and simply embrace each moment of the journey.

In terms of the blog, I don't want to post just for the sake of it: I want to create intentional posts. For this reason, I won't commit to posting on certain days each week like before. But this blog is genuinely my main motivation for writing, so I will post something at least once a month. I'm hoping more, but we shall see.

I’m going to continue with the same categories of posts I had before, including ‘Your Pick,’ so please always feel free to suggest topics, or send me a sentence, because I do want this blog to be interactive! Finally, as much as this blog is to entertain, I think I’m going to start trying some new things, just for practise/experience. Mainly, I want to try different styles and genres of short stories, and maybe different writing outlets too, like poetry.

More than anything though, I want to say thank you to everyone that has followed and supported my blog, whether that be from the very beginning, from behind the scenes or simply reading anything that I’ve shared. I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the new content to come!

PSA: no Copyright intended, the image on this post is not mine, it's from @alyssia.strasser on Instagram. I've recently really started loving images like this and I chose this one because I kind of feel like it expresses what my words can't. Anyway, check her out and also @symbolicmagic art and @marcosalvaradoart, they're my faves. #notanad

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