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If you read my 'Welcome Back' post you'll know poetry isn’t something I generally write, but it's something I want to develop. I personally find it to be one of the most intimate ways of self-expression, which I guess is why any kind of poetry I've written stays locked away in the drafts. Also, I usually only write poetry if I'm really feeling a type of way about something. Howeverrrr, after reading some poems back, I’ve realised I’ve let go of a lot of the situations they refer to and figure why not share them. I did say I wanted to introduce new things to the blog too, so maybe this is the beginning of what's to come.

As always, I’m super keen to hear thoughts and feedback so let me know what you think. You can leave a comment below, subscribe to my blog on the homepage (if you already did you'll have to do it again because new site host) or reach me personally @_c.mara or @cingblogs. Enjoy…


Our pictures were the only reminder I had to prove we were once together

And then I saw you

In one look

It was like nothing

But everything

Had changed

We hug

So brief and unfeeling

Did I hold you just a little too long?

I think of the times

I once longed for the feel

Of your bare skin against mine

But now we sit side by side

Like the same ends of a magnet

A complete refusal to touch

We must look like two distant friends

Who have bumped into each other

On their way out to different destinations

Our eyes sneak glances

At one another

Not daring to hold the other's gaze

For a second too long

You tell me about your friends and your plans

It's funny

I was once a part of those

We move on

I tell you how I’ve been

And finally

I ask you the only question my tongue cares to form

The one you knew I would ask the moment you saw me

And your answer satisfies my ego

Should I flirt with temptation?

Six minutes is all we had

Yet somehow it seemed to stretch to forever

One more stolen glance as my stop approaches

I hope you watch me walk away

I turn back and see you take out your phone

“Guess who I just saw!”

I smile to myself

And think

How strange it all is

I start to wish I had an extra stop

But the promises I made to myself are ones I won't break


What good could it possibly bring?

I surely don't feel like

The same person

Who left your flat

All that time ago

Can you believe it’s been so long?

With a final beep, beep, beep

The doors slither to a close behind me

And just like that

We are strangers again

I walk away

Excited for what my night may bring

But still I secretly hope

I may bump into you again

My favourite stranger

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