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Sounds Like A Conspiracy To Me

The next topic suggested to me for discussion was conspiracies. I wasn’t really sure where to go with this as I do ~not~ believe Princess Diana was killed and I ~do~ believe the country is being adequately run.

Therefore, I decided this post will discuss some of the most interesting and commonly occurring conspiracies already on the Internet. Be sure to comment any conspiracies you know of or let me know what you think of these ones, and leave a like if you enjoyed!

Lindsay Lohan and her alleged twin "Kelsey"

This conspiracy came up a lot as I researched, and after more reading, I think it could make sense. Make of it what you will, but apparently Lindsay Lohan has a secret dead twin sister. In the Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan is said to have played both parts of the twins that were trying to get their estranged parents back together. Disney insists that this is true, however, it is alleged that Lindsay actually had a secret twin called Kelsey who played one of the parts. It has been argued that the technology of the ‘90s just wasn’t as good as it is today, and so the realistic results they achieved is actually the product of two actresses. The conspiracy supposedly goes that Kelsey either died or vanished in 2001, as the last sighting of her was when she was supposedly with Lindsay in 2001 at a Disney reunion. Disney then began damage control by saying Lindsay never had a twin and the Lohan family received millions in hush money so the truth could stay hidden. In 2006 Lindsay starred in a film called I Know Who Killed Me, which is about a woman pursuing her lost, murdered twin… Coincidence? This troubling story, if true, has been suggested as the reason why Lindsay spiralled into drug and alcohol problems in her later life. What do you think?

Who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

The next, and most topical conspiracy, asks the questions: did Jeffrey Epstein really kill himself and why is the answer no? A forensic pathologist hired by Epstein’s defence team issued a report claiming that the injuries Jeffrey suffered were more consistent with that of “homicidal strangulation” from behind, rather than a suicidal hanging. Had Epstein survived to trial, he would have undoubtedly had many stories to tell about very powerful people, including the President of the United States, which has led many to believe the Trump administration was behind his death. The President is no stranger to accusations of sexual misconduct and it has been documented that he was good friends with Epstein since the 1990s, despite denying the two of them were ever close. However, Trump controversially retweeted a theory that it was actually Bill Clinton who was behind Jeffrey’s murder, and there might be some credit in this theory too.

There is a conspiracy surrounding the Clinton’s that they have been involved in the deaths of at least fifty of their associates from when Bill was President. These people were allegedly killed for knowing too much about the Clinton’s goings-on and Jeffrey Epstein has now been added to that list. Apparently, the Clinton’s are in involved in something called “Pizzagate,” which is a sex-trafficking ring being operated out of a pizza shop, and the Clinton’s, along with many elites, communicate in code to organise the trafficking of children. Pizzagate originally started as a somewhat politically motivated conspiracy against the Democrats in 2016, but it has now developed into this. I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide whether you believe in it. The point is, Esptein could have potentially implicated Pizzagate and its participants in his trial, so the Clinton’s hired help to get rid of him and keep their secrets in the dark.

The final people who have been implicated in the death of Epstein, are the British Royal Family. Since it is already rumoured that the Royals have a track record in getting rid of people, it wouldn’t be too much a stretch of the imagination to believe they had a hand in Esptein’s death, since Prince Andrew has been accused of being involved in Epstein’s paedophilia ring. To prove his innocence, Prince Andrew gave an exceptionally bad interview with the BBC, which honestly just furthered suspicions of his involvement with Esptein.

Esptein’s lawyer also made a statement claiming he had “serious doubts” Jeffrey killed himself, as Jeffrey did not appear suicidal to him in any way when he visited him days before his death. Whatever the case, I think it is very apparent many powerful people would have wanted Jeffrey to keep silent and the one way to ensure this would be with his death. I personally believe Jeffrey would have sold out absolutely anybody if it would have worked in his favour, and there were many frightened people that knew this. As a result, I ~maybe~ do not believe that Jeffrey committed suicide and was murdered. By whom? That I do not know, but if you have any suggestions, don’t be afraid to comment below!

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