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Part II

So, here we have the next instalment to my first little tripartite story. This one took a few redrafts, and I’ll probably edit it again at some point, but for now, I hope you guys the final version of Part II. Kinda short and sweet. Let me know what you think as always and leave a like if you enjoyed. Enjoyyy! 😊


The Universe has sworn her allegiance against me

And her lover


Has declared me his enemy!


They conspire

To make it known they are Master

And I?

Their humbled student

Am I so incapable of learning?

Each time I swear I’m ready for a new chapter

I turn the page to find the same plot

Just in a different font

Over and over and over and

After each class

My world shifts more out of focus

Right is now left

And down


I crave for a release

I want to drop out now!

But where would I go?

I think, think, think

But every decision is too confusing a path for me to follow

And I find myself

As nothing more than a series of thoughts

Lost inside the maze that is my mind

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Sunkanmi Olaore
Sunkanmi Olaore

Rarely is life ever a straight path The confusion and challenges gives it its great laughs See Time not as an enemy conspiring, But as a counter to her speed,

Shoring you up for that next chapter of life!

For it is through the battles that you gain the discipline

To one day call on; victorious in crossing the goal line! So to you I say

Remember the strength of your name

For you are the hard and durable wood of the tonka-bean tree

You got this!😁

Camara Inglis
Camara Inglis

Okay well what a beautiful & very true comment! I will keep it in mind on my travels … perhaps you should turn your hand to poetry 👀

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