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Disease Potentially as Lethal as COVID Discovered: The “Ick”

In the first of the “Your Pick” series, we have: the ick. Winter Love Island’s Leanne famously brought this term to our screens earlier this year, after realising the man she was coupled up with just really wasn’t to her liking. But what actually is the ick? It is a feeling best described as extreme cringe, which comes when your partner does, or maybe says, things that starts to put you off them. The ick can also lead to feeling completely unattracted to your partner, to the point where you no longer want to be with them. At some point or other, I think the ick is something we have all experienced.

I remember the first time I experienced this strange feeling was when I opened my Instagram DM’s to a message that said “you look good teeheehee.” Tee. Hee. Hee. I’ll leave that one where it belongs. I asked some friends if they ever experienced the ick with their partner and these are a few of my favourite responses:

A friend of mine plays netball and the position she plays is Goal Defence (GD). When she told the boy she was talking to that the position she plays is GD his ick-inducing response was “ohh you play GD? You must be all in around the D then 😉.” You would be correct in thinking that she never messaged him again.

Sometimes the ick can even develop from smaller issues. Like being asked to FaceTime after two days of talking, or when a boy refers to you as “two jigsaw pieces put into the wrong box.” I wondered if the ick was something boys ever felt and it appears they do. A friend of mine described feeling it whenever he would go on dates with the girl he was speaking to and she would conveniently forget her bank card at home, or would bring a card that wouldn’t work in restaurants, which meant he would pay for everything, yet she would not accept going on “cheap” dates. Ladies, it’s 2020 we believe in equality when it comes to dates and paying!

All of the above examples are from friends that are no longer seeing the person who once gave them the ick, which begs the questions, is the ick curable and why do we get it? It appears small cases of the ick could be cured, but once it gets to the extreme stage, there truly is no going back for the relationship. It’s hard to know exactly why we get the ick, but it’s an easily recognisable feeling so once you start experiencing it, the best thing to do is either try and solve it if it’s minor, or, if you feel yourself heading for the extreme end, start packing your bags...

If you’ve ever experienced the ick let me know in the comments and be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the post!

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